"Abo" is a word in TAGALOG, HILIGAYNON


ábo - A kind of small fish, growing to about
six inches in length, and supposed to be
very lazy and sleepy; hence its name is
often used to describe lazy and sleepy folks
that are slow at their work, etc. Dáw ábo
siá. He is like an àábo i.e. he is very lazy.
Kaábo sa ímo! How lazy you are! Dáw ábo
ka gid. You are just like an ábo. Ábo gid
ang gwâ ta. The result of our undertaking
is, was, or will be a complete failure.


abó - Ash, ashes; to treat with ash, apply
ashes, use ashes; to turn into or become
ashes. Abohí ang púsud sang bátà. Treat
the baby’s navel with ash. Nagabó ang
ámon baláy sa kaláyo or ginabó sang
kaláyo ang ámon balay. The fire burned
our house to ashes. Abohán mo ang
pínggan kag báso, agúd makúhà ang
kadánlug. Clean the plate and glass with
ashes, so that the greasy dirt may be
removed. Ang abó nga ginpát-in sa áton
mga ágtang sa ádlaw nga Miérkoles de
Senísa (Ceniza) amó ang abó sang mga
pálua (ráamos) nga nabenditáhan sang
ádlaw nga Domingo de Rámos. The ashes
with which our foreheads are marked on
Ash-Wednesday are the ashes of the palms
blessed on Palm-Sunday. Dílì mo pagipaabó sa íya iníng mga tulún-an, kay
bisán dumáan na may kapuslánan pa.
Don’t let him burn these books, for, though

they are old, they are still of use. (cf.


Definition: 1) ashes (noun) 2) grey (adj)


abô - (B) An exclamation denoting
aversion, horror, contempt, emphatic
denial or negation. Fie! Pshaw! Whew!
Pooh! Abô, butíg inâ. Pshaw, that’s a lie!
Abô, índî akó magpáti sinâ. Fie I don’t
believe that. Abô, pagkamalulúod siníng
idô nga patáy kag inúdlan! Pooh what a
horrible stench is coming from this dead
and wormy dog. (cf. abá, abáw).

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