"Badlis" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


bádlis - Anointment, unction; the
sacrament of Extreme Unction; to anoint,
salve, treat with an unguent; to administer
Extreme Unction. Badlisí siá. Anoint him.
Pabadlisí siá. Have him anointed.
Pabadlisán mo ang masakít nga táo. Have
Extreme Unction administered to the sick
man. Ibádlis inâ sa íya. Anoint him with
that. (cf. híso, hídhid, pálhit, háplas, etc.).

badlis CEBUANO

badlis v {1} [AB3; a] draw a line, for a line to show itself.
Mibadlis sa íyang agtang ang dagkung ugat, His forehead was prominently lined with veins.
Mibadlis sa íyang nawung ang kahadluk, Fear was written all over his face.
Kinsay nagbadlis sa átung bungbung?
Who drew a line on our wall?
{1a} cross out the mark made by a bettor in cockfighting as an indication that the bet is taken on.
Misulud aku sa galyíra ug gibadlísan ku ang naglugrug tris-idus, I went into the arena and I took on the bet of three to two.
{2} [A; b6] set limits to a persons behavior.
Badlísan ku ning tawhána kay nagdahan ang batásan, I will put a stop to this guy because hes getting worse and worse.
n {1} lines in the skin.
{1a} sa pálad, kinabúhì n fate.
Mau tingáli giyuy badlis sa íyang pálad nga maminyù siyag kriminal, Perhaps it was her fate to marry a criminal.
{2} line drawn.
{3} Ash Wednesday.
Myirkulis, ting-= badlis, 3.
-an a {1} having lines.
{2} name given to k.
danggit and sapsap that have light vertical lines on the upper sides.

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