"Pusud" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


púsud - Corner, recess, nook; navel; navelstring, umbilical cord; to make corners.
Napusúdan mo na ang tabungós? Have
you made the corners of the tabungósbasket? Sa púsud sang hulút. In the corner
of the room. Butangán mo sing abó ang
púsud sang bátà. Put some wood-ash on
the baby’s navel.


púsud n {1} navel.
{2} center point of s.t.
Púsud sa syudad, The center of the city.
{3} the filament-like structure found at the tip of bananas.
hiN- v [AN; b] cut the umbilical cord.
n instrument for cutting the umbilical cord.
kinapusuran n {1} centermost portion.
Didtu siya dágan sa kinapusuran sa lasang, She ran deep into the innermost part of the forest.
{2} s.t.
at the very heart.
{3} core, innermost; heart of the thing.
Abtun giyud íning tambála ang kinapusuran sa sakit, This medicine will reach down to the heart of the pain.

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