"Lupok" is a word in HILIGAYNON


lupók - Discharge, detonation, snap, pop,
bang, crash; the report of a gun, a shot; to
explode, burst; the firing off of guns or
mortars at feasts, etc. May lupók. There is,
was or will be, the firing off of guns or
mortars. Nakabatì ka sang lupók sang
pusíl? Did you hear the report of the rifle?
Naglupók ang kaldéra, ang gúma sang
áwto, etc. The kettle, the auto-tyre, etc.
burst, exploded, blew—up,—out. Nalúkpan
si Fuláno sing rekámara kag napatáy.
N.N. was hit by an exploding mortar and
was killed. Nalúkpan akó sing kaldéra.
One of my cauldrons exploded. Ang ibán
nga mga ítlog kon ibutáng sa abó nga
maínit magalupók. Some eggs burst when
put in hot ashes. (Palupokí) Palúkpi ang
mga kalasálon. Fire off some guns for the

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