"Pulpug" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


púlpug - To strike or beat against
something, a burning piece of wood, a lit
cigar, or the like; to strike, box, pommel.
Pulpugí sang ímo abáno ang bulutángan
sang abó, agúd índì madágdag
(magkadágdag) sa salúg ang abó. Knock
your cigar against the ash-tray, lest the ash
should (so that the ash may not) fall on the
floor. Ipúlpug ang sarísì sa bató, agúd
magkalatáktak ang mga bága. Beat your
torch against the stone, that the charred
parts may fall off. (cf. pókpok).

pulpug CEBUANO

pulpug v {1} [A; a] break s.t.
brittle into tiny pieces.
Na-pulpug ang básung nahagbung, The glass fell and broke into smithereens.
{2} [A; b] tap, knock o?
fine particles.
Akuy mupulpug sa ágiw sa ákung sigarilyu, Ill knock o?
the ashes of my cigarette.
Ákung gipulpúgan ug sulpanilamáyid ang ákung samad, I tapped sulfanilamide powder onto my wound.
-an() n cave under a river bank where crocodiles make their abode (and bring their prey to destroy them).

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