"Nusnus" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


núsnus - To rub, mop, swab, scour, scrub
a floor, etc. Nusnusí ang panápton sing
habón. Rub the clothes with soap.
Ginnusnusán níla ang salúg sing espérma.
They rubbed the floor with tallow. Inúsnus
sa salúg iníng séra. Use this candle-wax
for rubbing the floor with. Indì ka
magnúsnus (magkúsù) sang lalábhan sing
(lám-ag) lakás, kay básì magísì. Don’t rub
the wash too much, for it might be torn.

nusnus CEBUANO

nusnus v [A; ac] rub s.t.
back and forth on s.t.
else with pres-sure.
Siyay nagnusnus ug tinúnawng ispirma sa salug, He ap-plied (lit.
rubbed on) melted wax on the floor.
Nusnúsi ug abu ang kutsára arun musínaw, Rub ashes onto the spoons so theyll get shiny.

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