"Gawhak" is a word in HILIGAYNON


gáwhak - Hollow, hole, cavity, trace, said
of what has been taken from a heap of rice,
sand, corn or the like; to delve or dig into,
scoop a hole in, make encroachments or
inroads on a heap of ashes, flour, rice, etc.
Nabúsdik ang sáko kag ang íya sulúd nga
humáy nagáwhak. The sack burst open
and a hollow was made in the rice it
contained. Sín-o ang naggáwhak siníng
túmpok nga humáy? Who encroached on
this heap of rice? Who delved into this riceheap? Huy, mga bátà, índì nínyo
paggawhakán ang túmpok nga balás.
Hello, you boys there, don’t scoop holes in
the sand-heap. Ginawhakán ni Fuláno
iníng túmpok nga balás, kay íya kinuháan
sing isá ka láta sa agás. N.N. dug into this
sand-heap, for he took away an oilcanful.
Gingawhakán sang makáwat ang ákon
ápog. The thief made a hole in my lime. (cf.
gáhuk, etc.).

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