"Agbun" is a word in CEBUANO


agbun n fine particles of soil or ashes.
v {1} [A] fly in fine particles.
Ayawg isagudsud ang ímung tiil kay muagbun ang abug, Dont drag your feet because dust will fly.
{2} [B12] turn to dust.
Nagkaagbun na ang mga karáang mga papílis, The old papers are turning into dust.

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Sometimes a woman will look back on what she had, not because she wants to go there but to motivate her to do better.

Reuben " Mulah Truth " Holmes II

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abug n dust. v {1} [B46; a4b4(1)] become dusty. Muabug ang karsáda ug dúgayng uwanun, The road gets dusty if …

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ákmol - Crustiness, thickness; to thicken, to harden, become crusty, to crust or incrust, said of dirt, dusty perspiration on …

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alintabó - The rising of clouds of dust, the splashing or spraying of water and the like; to rise (of …

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atril v [B46; a12] for dust, dirt to be thick. Miatril ang abug paglabay sa trák, Dust filled the air …

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bókbok - A borer insect as well as the wood-dust produced by its action. bókbok, To crush, powder, grind, mash, …

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dágut a {1} completely removed, used up. Dágut na ang mga káhuy sa bakilid, Every single piece of wood has …

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gáhid - To clean one’s eyes, take out or remove—dust,—a grain of sand,—a mote, etc. from the eye, from a …

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gapo-gapo HILIGAYNON

gapó-gapó - Dim. of gapó. Pahíri ang gapógapó sa tulungtúngan. Wipe the dust off the table. Dust the table.

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hakad v [A; c] {1} spread s.t. over s.t. Unsa may hakaran nímu sa pagkáun nga walà may lamísa? What …

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hímu, hímù v {1} [A; a] make, construct. Kamau kang muhímù ug talabánug? Do you know how to make a …

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hínis - To rub, polish, clean, scrape (with sand-paper, sand, etc.). Maghínis ka sang mga báso, pínggan, etc.—or—Hínsi (hinísi) ang …

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huyup v {1} [A; a] blow air. Tugnaw basta muhuyup ang amíhan, Its cold when the northeast wind blows. Huypa …

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kabukabu CEBUANO

kabukabu n dust that settles on things. v [BN; a4b4] covered with dust, spray. Mikabukabu (nakabukabu, gikabukabuhan, gikabukabu) ang salug …

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kápal, kap-al v [B3; c1] {1} cover, coat s.t. with a thick layer. Mukápal (makápal) nang buling sa ímung líug …

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kátù v [A13B; b4] for dirt to cake on s.t. , have dirt caked on it. Nagkátù (gikatúan) lang ang …

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katul a {1} itchy. Katul ákung kamut. Kwarta na, My hands are itching. I must be due to get some …

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kupukupu CEBUANO

kupukúpu v [A2S; b(1)] quiver and flutter noisily, twitch, thrash around. Mikupukúpu ang manuk sa abug, The chicken shook the …

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lágpik - To stick, adhere to, as mud, paste, dust, etc. Ang pintúra nagkalágpik (nalágpik) sa íya nga sárwal. Ang …

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laíng - Dirt, filth, any foul or waste matter, as mud, dust, sweepings, rubbish or the like; to be or …

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lamógò - Soiled, stained, dirty; to be or become soiled (through perspiration, long use, dust, etc., particularly applied to clothes). …

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