"Pilipod" is a word in HILIGAYNON


pilípod - To sprinkle, scatter or spread
from between the tips of the fingers (as ash,
powdered sugar, salt, etc.) Pilipóri sing
asín ang kán-on. Sprinkle some salt on the
(cooked) rice. (cf. bilíbod, pirípod).

Few words of positivity

I understood drinking to be the gasoline of all adventure.

Sarah Hepola, Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget

Laugh your heart out.

An Army Ranger was on holiday in the depths of Louisiana, where he tried to buy some Alligator shoes. However, he was not prepared to pay the high prices. After failing to haggle the vendor down to a reasonable price level, he ended up shouting "I don't give two hoots for your shoes, man, I'll go and kill my own!"The shopkeeper replied, "By all means. Just watch out for the two Marines who are doing the same."So the Ranger went out into the Bayou, and after a while saw two men with spears, standing still in the water. "They must be the two Marines," he thought. Just at that point he noticed an alligator moving in the water towards one of them. The Marine stood completely passive, even as the gator came ever closer. Just as the beast was about to swallow him, the Marine struck home with his spear and wrestled the gator up onto the beach, where several already lay. Together the two Marines threw \r nthe gator onto its back, whereupon one exclaimed "Damn! This one doesn't have any shoes either!"

perimetry ENGLISH

The art of using the perimeter; measurement of the field of vision.

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seraphine ENGLISH

A wind instrument whose sounding parts are reeds, consisting of a thin tongue of brass playing freely through a slot …

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górdo - To take or use something that belongs to another with the intention of giving it back. (Only used …

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husô - See hosô—to draw, pull, etc.

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dà {1} particle at end of a clause: {1a} used upon noticing s.t. new, remembering s.t. one had forgotten. Mu …

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styphnate ENGLISH

A salt of styphnic acid.

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smaltine ENGLISH

Alt. of Smaltite

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anglo-saxon ENGLISH

Of or pertaining to the Anglo-Saxons or their language.

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mapung-aw HILIGAYNON

mapúng-aw - Lonely, solitary, isolated, dreary, desolate, dismal. (púng-aw).

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foreordain ENGLISH

To ordain or appoint beforehand; to preordain; to predestinate; to predetermine.

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A plum; esp., a dried plum, used in cookery; as, French or Turkish prunes; California prunes.

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ptenoglossa ENGLISH

A division of gastropod mollusks having the teeth of the radula arranged in long transverse rows, somewhat like the barbs …

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electricity ENGLISH

The science which unfolds the phenomena and laws of electricity; electrical science.

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bequest ENGLISH

That which is left by will, esp. personal property; a legacy; also, a gift.

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arteriology ENGLISH

That part of anatomy which treats of arteries.

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