"Kulu" is a word in CEBUANO


kulu n seedless breadfruit, usually cooked with syrup as a sweet or used as an ingredient in sweet preparations: Artocarpus communis.


kúlù v {1} [B23(1); b4(1)] shrink in length or width.
Panaptun nga dílì mukúlù, Cloth that doesnt shrink.
Kwáa ang sinugba sa dì pa makakúlù, Take the meat o?
the coals before it shrinks.
Nainútil siya kay nakulúan ug ugat, He became disabled because he had contracted tendons.
{2} [B46; b34c1] curl up, draw back.
Ug mukúlù ang tamalà sa bangag, lisud hisakpan, When the octopus shrinks into the hole, you cant catch it easily.
Kulúa (ikúlù) ímung tiil kay dúnay gustung muági, Pull your feet in because people want to go by.
Namatay siya kay gikul-an sa dílà, She died because she swallowed her tongue (her tongue shrunk into the throat).
{2a} draw back in fear.
Mukúlù ka man lagi ug hanaan, You draw back in fear if s.
threatens you.
n shrinkage.
igsaktu, hustu sa be a bit too large so that it fits after shrinkage.
Sagdig luag ang bistída kay hustu nà sa kúlù, Never mind if the dress is a little too loose because it will fit perfectly after it shrinks.
kulùkúlù v [B6] writhe, double up in pain.
Mikulùkúlù siya sa kasakit sa tiyan, He was doubled up with stomach pain.


kulu v [b(1)] {1} use s.t.
awkwardly because of unfamiliar-ity.
Daghan siyag sayup kay gikulhan pa sa bag-ung aybíim, He made lots of mistakes because he doesnt have the feel for the new IBM machine yet.
{2} be awkward, nervous.
Wà ka kulhi nga nikanta sa daghang táwu?
Did you not feel nervous singing in front of all those people?
{3} [b4] be unable to react upon seeing violence due to fear.
Gikúhan ku pagkakità nákus bátà nga naligsan, I was transfixed when I saw the child run over.
kulhánun a {1} operating s.t.
awkwardly because of unfamiliar-ity.
{2} nervous, fearful, apprehensive.
Dì ka giyud makat-un ug dráyib kay kulhánun kaáyu ka, Youll never learn how to drive, youre so nervous.
v [B12] become nervous, fearful.
kakulhánun n fearfulness, timidity.
Tungud sa íyang kakulhánun wà gihápun siya makaabla níya, He is so timid he hasnt brought himself to tell her he loves her.

Few words of positivity

Sometimes a woman will look back on what she had, not because she wants to go there but to motivate her to do better.

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