"Abat" is a word in WARAY, HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO

abat WARAY

Abat - obvious


ábat - To follow, go after (frequently with
the meaning implied of summoning or
calling back). Abáta siá. Follow him (and
tell him to come back). Summon him.
Ipaábat ko siá sa kay Hosé. I shall send
Joseph after him. Iábat mo ang bátà sa íya
ilóy. Take the child after its mother.
Paabáti si Andres sa kay Pédro or ipaábat
si Andres sa kay Pédro. Order Peter to go
after or call Andrew. Nagpaábat siá sa
ákon sing kabáyo. He sent a horse after
me. (cf. ápas, sunúd; tawág).


ábat v {1} [A; a1] feel with the hands, esp.
to find s.t.
Nag-ábat siya sa yáwi sa íyang bulsa kung wà ba hibyai, He felt for the key in his pocket to see if he hadnt left it behind.
Abátun ku ang íyang agtang ug hilanatun ba, Ill touch her forehead to see if she is feverish.
{2} [A123S; a12b2] feel s.t.
with the sense of touch.
Nakaabat ku sa kabugnaw sa sinihan, I felt the coolness of the movie house.
Abátun gánì nímu ang kasakit, musamut giyud, If you think about the pain, it will get worse.
{3} [A123S; b2] happen to notice, sense s.t.
Nakaabat kung mu rag may misaka sa ámung báy, I sensed that s.
had entered our house.


ábat v [A2S; b6] hold on to s.t.
fixed to support oneself.
Ang tigúwang miábat sa pasamánu paingun sa táas, The old man held on to the bannister while going upstairs.
-an() n a railing in shape of a ladder for baby to cling to when he starts to walk.


abat n {1} any supernatural being or human with supernatural powers which shows itself in an unexpected and startling way.
{2} one who is it in games.
v {1} [A2; a2] head o?
Maap-san pa nímu siya ug ímung abatun sa iskína, You can still catch up with him if you head him o?
at the corner.
{2} [AN; a12] frighten s.
by appearing suddenly or otherwise startling him.
Ig-ági níya, abta siya, When he comes by, give him a scare.
al-abtan, abtanan a haunted, place where things appear suddenly.
alabtun s.
to whom spirits tend to show themselves.
abat-ábat n game of tag.
v [A13] {1} play tag.
{2} try to meet without succeeding.
Wà giyud mi magkítà, nag-abat-ábat lang, We just kept missing each other.

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