"Ablay" is a word in HILIGAYNON


abláy - (B) Shawl, covering for the
shoulders and back; to use or wear a shawl.
Tan-awá yanáng babáye nga nagaabláy.
Look at that woman wearing a shawl.
Pagaablayón ko gid iníng bunáng. I will
certainly work this yarn up into a shawl.
Iabláy lang iníng hábul, kay mátugnaw.
Just use this blanket as a shawl, for it is
cold. Ablayí ang bátà, agúd indì mapásmo
sa matúgnaw nga hángin. Put a shawl
around the child, lest it should catch a cold
in the chilly air. Paablayí silá. Provide
them with shawls. Put some shawls at their
disposal, (cf. abrígo, kúnop).


áblay - To lean—, put one’s arm or hand—,
on another’s shoulder. (cf. ágbay).

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