"Abtik" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


ábtik - Dexterity, adroitness, skill,
quickness, expertness in invention or
execution; to be or become expert, adroit,
dexterous, skillful. Bisán pa gánì ang
búndul nga táo kon maghánas sing may
kapísan magaábtik. Even a slow man, if he
practises diligently, will become dexterous.
Abtiká ang pagsulát. Try to write quickly.
Naabtikán gid akó sang iya nga pagtahì. I
was much impressed by her skill at sewing.


abtik a {1} nimble, quick in reaction.
Ang musáyaw sa tinikling kinahanglang abtik ug tiil, Whoever dances the tinikling has to have nimble feet.
{2} fast, live in action.
Mahuman ni dáyug abtik lang mutrabáhu, It will get done right away if you work rapidly.
{3} cunning, sly.
Abtik giyud siya kay midáwat imbis mubáyad, He sure is sharp.
Instead of paying as he should have, he got paid.
v [B] {1} get to be nimble.
{2} get to be fast in action.
Muabtik (maabtik) lagi ang íyang panglíhuk basta pakit-ug sápì, Hell get moving fast as long as you show him money.
{3} [B12] get to be cunning, sly.
{4} [b4(1)] outsmart.
Naabtikan sad ku sa bátà, The child put one over on me.
paN-v [A2; b6] engage in chicanery.
Ayaw kug pangabtíki kay suhítu ku, Dont try to put a fast one over on me, because I know my way around.

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