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Their willingness to help others is arguably the single most important trait that defines them as Newfoundlanders. Today, it is an identity they cling to, in part, because it is something that cannot be taken away from them.

Jim DeFede, The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland

Laugh your heart out.

Gi treat ni misis iyang bana sa usa ka KTV bar. Pag sulod nila, gi kumusta sa doorman iyang bana.
Doorman:Uy George, kumusta?

Natingala iyang misis ngano nailhan sya sa doorman.

Misis:Nganong kaila mansya nimo.

Mister:Kauban nako sa basketball sauna.

Paglingkod nila.

Waiter:Ang regular order ba nimo nga order George?

Mister:(Minglantaw sa iyang Misis) Akoa kauban sa Gym sauna.

Taud taud. Ming duol ang bold dancer.

Dancer:Uy George, special show ra ba gihapon?

Nasuko iyang misis, gibira si George para manguli ug ming sakay ug tricycle.

Tricycle driver. Uy George, mauta sab ning nakuha nimong dancer karon oi. Wala na gyud lain didto? 😂😂😂😂


ád-ad - To cut in thin slices, to slice with a frame-set knife. Ad-adá ang kamóti. Slice the sweet potato. …

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ad-adán - A slicer, a frame-set knife for slicing potatoes, radishes, tomatoes and the like, (ád-ad).

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alinsawad ILOKANO

v. /MANG-:-EN/ to grope for, look for b. feeling Inalinsawad na diay buneng na nga natinnag diay waig. He groped …

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ápal - The handle, haft, grip, hilt of a bolo, knife, sword, etc; to provide with a handle, etc. Apáli …

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n. fire, light. Awan ti apoy mi. We have no fire (or light). v. /-UM-/ to produce or give off …

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asirawu CEBUANO

asiráwu a for a steel to be mild-tempered, soft. Asiráwu nang kutsilyúha kay dalì rang mahábul, That knife is mild-tempered …

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The part of a cutting tool on the opposite side from its edge; as, the back of a knife, or …

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badang ILOKANO

n. a kind of large knife (BUNENG) or bolo with a pointless blade, and shorter and much broader than the …

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bagduk CEBUANO

bagduk v {1} [A; b5] puncture, make a small hole in. May mibagduk tingáli sa ligid kay mihiyus man, S. …

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bagnul CEBUANO

bagnul a {1} dull, not sharp. Ang bagnul nga kutsilyu dì limpiyu ug pinutlan, A dull knife will not make …

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bágus v [A; b(1)] smooth a piece of wood with a knife. Bagúsan ku ang kawáyan sa kurta, Ill smooth …

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báid - To sharpen, grind, hone, whet. Baíra (baída) ang kotsílyo. Sharpen the knife. Ibáid akó sang ákon binángon. Kindly …

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balakasi CEBUANO

balakasi n k. o. small eel. Husi balakasi, tadtárun muliksi. Tadtárun mukubul, paryintis tubul, José is an eel, strike him …

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baláraw - Dagger, poniard, stiletto, knife. (cf. dága, punyál).

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balisong TAGALOG

balisong Definition: (noun) fan knife made in Batangas, a Tagalog province south of Manila

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ballatad ILOKANO

v. /AG-/ to throw a big knife (BUNENG) at someone. /MANG-:-EN/ to throw a big knife at, to hit with …

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bangad ILOKANO

n. back of a knife, a saw, etc.

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banggis CEBUANO

banggis v [A; b] scrape, scrub s.t. o? a surface. Kutsilyu ang íyang ibanggis sa húgaw sa lamísa, Shell use …

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bansiwag CEBUANO

bansiwag v [B346; c1] for long things to stick out prominently. Mibansiwag ang báraw sa íyang bulsa, The knife stuck …

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barikes ILOKANO

n. belt, girdle, cincture. v. /AG-/ to put a belt or a similar thing around one’s waist, to tie a …

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