"Ad-Ad" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


ád-ad - To cut in thin slices, to slice with a
frame-set knife. Ad-adá ang kamóti. Slice
the sweet potato. Iád-ad akó ánay siníng
mga patátas. Kindly slice these potatoes
for me.


ád-ad - To reject food, slobber, slubber,
drivel, slaver, let food slowly flow from the
mouth (as babies often do). Indì mo
pagadadón ang kán-on. Do not slobber
your food. Indì mo pagadadón ang ságing.
Don’t slobber and spit out, the banana.


ád-ad - To gossip, divulge or let out
secrets, give full rein to the tongue. Indì mo
pagad-adón ang mga tinágò sang ímo
isigkatáo. Don’t let out your neighbour’s


ad-ad v [A; a] slice into thin, but not long pieces.
Ang baláni ad-árun únà iláwug sa bábuy, The banana trunk is chopped up finely before it is fed to the pigs.
ad-aran n slicing board.

Few words of positivity

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