"Ad-Ad" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


ád-ad - To cut in thin slices, to slice with a
frame-set knife. Ad-adá ang kamóti. Slice
the sweet potato. Iád-ad akó ánay siníng
mga patátas. Kindly slice these potatoes
for me.


ád-ad - To reject food, slobber, slubber,
drivel, slaver, let food slowly flow from the
mouth (as babies often do). Indì mo
pagadadón ang kán-on. Do not slobber
your food. Indì mo pagadadón ang ságing.
Don’t slobber and spit out, the banana.


ád-ad - To gossip, divulge or let out
secrets, give full rein to the tongue. Indì mo
pagad-adón ang mga tinágò sang ímo
isigkatáo. Don’t let out your neighbour’s


ad-ad v [A; a] slice into thin, but not long pieces.
Ang baláni ad-árun únà iláwug sa bábuy, The banana trunk is chopped up finely before it is fed to the pigs.
ad-aran n slicing board.

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Laugh your heart out.

Gi treat ni misis iyang bana sa usa ka KTV bar. Pag sulod nila, gi kumusta sa doorman iyang bana.
Doorman:Uy George, kumusta?

Natingala iyang misis ngano nailhan sya sa doorman.

Misis:Nganong kaila mansya nimo.

Mister:Kauban nako sa basketball sauna.

Paglingkod nila.

Waiter:Ang regular order ba nimo nga order George?

Mister:(Minglantaw sa iyang Misis) Akoa kauban sa Gym sauna.

Taud taud. Ming duol ang bold dancer.

Dancer:Uy George, special show ra ba gihapon?

Nasuko iyang misis, gibira si George para manguli ug ming sakay ug tricycle.

Tricycle driver. Uy George, mauta sab ning nakuha nimong dancer karon oi. Wala na gyud lain didto? 😂😂😂😂


v. /MANG-:-AN/ or /MANGI-: I-/ to singe, scorch.

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huwis n judge. v {1} [B16] be, become a judge. Huwisun siya sa Bugu, He will be made a judge …

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omnify ENGLISH

To render universal; to enlarge.

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Any one of numerous species of large aquatic birds belonging to Cygnus, Olor, and allied genera of the subfamily Cygninae. …

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torníyo - See tornéo, tornílyo.

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kuntak CEBUANO

kuntak n contact, connection in an organization or high places. Basta nigusyanti daghang kuntak, A businessman has to have lots …

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kunsirbaturyu CEBUANO

kunsirbaturyu n conservatory, a school for teaching music.

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crania ENGLISH

A genus of living Brachiopoda; -- so called from its fancied resemblance to the cranium or skull.

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surrounding ENGLISH

Inclosing; encircling.

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decennial ENGLISH

A tenth year or tenth anniversary.

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sirinata CEBUANO

sirináta n an open air concert. v [A; b6] have, perform an open air concert.

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Heedless; clumsy; pert; saucy.

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kating CEBUANO

káting klásis v [A] cut classes. Gisuspind ang iskuylang nagkát-ing klásis, The student got suspended for cutting classes.

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graniferous ENGLISH

Bearing grain, or seeds like grain.

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sabilá - (Sp. zábida, zábila) A plant, whose leaves contain the juice asíbar—aloe.

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melicotoon ENGLISH
grossly ENGLISH

In a gross manner; greatly; coarsely; without delicacy; shamefully; disgracefully.

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latchstring ENGLISH

A string for raising the latch of a door by a person outside. It is fastened to the latch and …

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