"Baid" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


báid - To sharpen, grind, hone, whet. Baíra
(baída) ang kotsílyo. Sharpen the knife.
Ibáid akó sang ákon binángon. Kindly
whet my bolo for me. (cf. patalúm, balít,
táhad, báhad).


báid - (B) Corner, angle, nook, back-yard,
ground at the side and back of a building.
Ibutáng mo ang síya sa báid or pabaída
(—ira) ang síya. Place the chair in the
corner. Sa báid sang subâ. At the bend of
the river, in the angle formed by the bend
of the river. Ang báid sang baláy. The
grounds immediately attached to a house,
except those in front of it. (cf. higád,
pamúsud, doók, soók, binít).


báid v [A3P; a] {1} rub s.t.
on s.t.
else to sharpen it to make it shiny.
Baírun ku ang sanggut, Ill sharpen the scythe.
Ibáid sa simintu ang batu arun masínaw, Rub the stone on the cement floor so that it will get shiny.
{2} perfect s.t.
Nagbáid siya sa mananayaw sa hustung panlíhuk, He helped the dancer perfect her steps.
Ang diksiyunaryu mauy nakabáid (nakapabáid) sa ákung ininglis, The dictionary sharpened my English.
bairan n s.t.
to sharpen s.t.
baidbáid v [A13C; c] brush or rub s.t.
against s.t.
lightly as if sharpening.
Nagbaidbáid siya sa íyang mga kamut, He rubbed his palms together.

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