"Bagnul" is a word in CEBUANO

bagnul CEBUANO

bagnul a {1} dull, not sharp.
Ang bagnul nga kutsilyu dì limpiyu ug pinutlan, A dull knife will not make a clean cut.
{2} for solids to be hard and compacted, not easily crumbling.
Bagnul ang batu ikumparar sa anapug, Stone is harder than lime.
{3} for skin to be calloused and tough.
v [B; a] {1} for a blade to become dull.
{2} solidify or form into hard lumps.
Ang kabugnaw makapabagnul (makabagnul) sa túbig, Cold will make water solidify.
{2a} for the skin to form callouses.
-un a lumpy, having hard lumps.
v [B2] become lumpy.

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