"Malawlaw" is a word in HILIGAYNON


maláwlaw - Long (of space and time);
loose, not fixed, equivocal (of a word,
speech, or the like); protracted, prolonged,
confused (of thinking conjecturing);
patient, forbearing, prudent, considerate,
liberal, broad (of mind). Maláwlaw nga
pagpainóíno. A prolonged—, protracted—,
confused—, way of thinking. Maláwlaw siá
sing hunâhúnà. He is broad-minded,
liberal-minded, patient, prudent, or the
like. (cf. láwlaw).

Few words of positivity

When mental [illness] increases until it reaches the danger point, do not exhaust yourself by efforts to trace back to original causes. Better accept them as inevitable and save your strength to fight against the effects.

George Sand

Laugh your heart out.

There were three guys in an airplane. One guy droppeda rock, another dropped a brick, and the last droppeda grenade.When they got back on the ground they were walkingdown the street and they saw a woman crying. Being the gentlemen they are they went up to ask her why she wascrying she said "A rock fell from the sky, landed on mycat and now my cat is dead." The men said they were verysorry to here that and walked away.The next house they came across a little further downthe road there was another woman crying. Being the gentlemen they are they walk up to her and asked her whyshe was crying she said "A brick fell from the sky, land-ed on my dog , and now my dog is dead." The men said they were very sorry to hear that and walked away.The next house they came across a little furtherdown the road there was a man laughing his head off.Wondering what was so funny they went up to ask him.After they asked him he replied, "I bent over to get the news paper this morning , I farted and my whole house blew up!"


abab taga- n hillbilly. pakataga- v [A13; a12] act, treat like, consider a hillbilly. Gipakatagaabab lang ku ninyu. Ihása, You …

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bayà {1} particle giving an admonitary tone. {a} with an imperative: make sure that, better do. Hinumdumi bayà, Youd better …

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dílì short form: dì {1} no, not (negates predicates with heads consisting of future verbs, nouns, adjectives, numerals, pro-nouns). Dílì …

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ikaw you (singular). Ikaw ang ákung túyù, You are the one I want to see. karun, kini, bayà oh you! …

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ísip - Reckoning, counting, count, numbering, enumeration, tally, tale, mind, reason, thinking, idea, thought, reasoning; to reckon, count, carp, number, …

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ísip v [A; a2] {1} count s.t. Isípa ang suklì kun hustu ba, Count your change to see its correct. …

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