"Bag-U" is a word in CEBUANO


bag-u {2} -ng kaláyu, kandílà, túbig blessing of the New Fire, Easter Candle, and Holy Water on the night of Holy Saturday.
-ng kinabúhì new lease on ones life after it has been spared from an accident or from a serious illness.
Magpasalámat ta sa Diyus sa átung bag-ung kinabúhì, Let us thank God for giving us a new lease on life.
v {2} sa kaláyu, kandílà, túbig [A13; c1] perform the rite of blessing the Holy Water, New Fire and Easter Candles.
{3} sa kinabúhì [A12] give s.
a new lease on life.
sa útang [A; a12] renew a loan.
kabag-úhan n {1} modern times.
{2} the younger generation.


bag-u a {1} new.
-ng Túgun New Testament.
{2} modern.
Ang mga batan-un sa bag-ung panahun agrisíbu, The youth nowadays is aggressive.
-ng túbù the modern generation.
-ng túig New Year.
{3} recently, just now.
Bag-u siyang abut, He is a new arrival here.
Bag-u pa siyang milakaw, He just left.
Bag-u pang gabíi pagsaka sa kawatan, It was early evening when the thief entered.
karung recently, of late.
Gidugù siya karung bag-u, She recently menstruated.
v {1} [B2] be, be-come new.
Mubag-u (mabag-u) nga tan-áwun ang sapátus basta limpiyáhan, Shoes will look new if you clean them.
{2} [AP1B1; a] change s.t.
for the better, become better.
Dì ka gánì magbag-u, If you dont reform.
Nagbag-u sila sa ílang panagway, They made their faces over anew.
{3} [A12; c] obtain s.t.
Nakabag-u siyag awtu pagkadaug sa swipstik, He got a new car when he won the sweepstakes.
Bag-úhan (baghúan) kug ligid ang ákung dyíp, Ill buy new tires for my jeep.
Unsa mang gumáha ang ímung ibag-u?
What brand of tires are you go-ing to replace them with?
{4} [b4] feel strange, unaccustomed.
Naglísud pa siya kay gibag-úhan pa sa trabáhu, Hes having a hard time because hes unaccustomed to the work.
{5} -ng túig [B256; b4(1)] for it to be New Years.
paN- nga túig v [A2; c] celebrate New Years.
Didtu mi sa Hungkung mamag-ung túig, We celebrated New Years in H.
-in- a modern.
Ang binag-ung paági sa panguma, The modern way of farming.
v [B15] change.
Nagbinag-u nga nadátù, He changed when he became rich.
mabinag-úhun a fond of modern things.
bag-úhay a short while ago.
Bag-úhay pa lang giyud tung nilakaw si Ramun, Ramon left just a while ago.

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