"Asu" is a word in CEBUANO


asu n {1} smoke.
Way asu nga makumkum, You cant hide smoke in your fist.
(No secret can be kept for long.
) {2} fumes.
v {1} [A] give o?
smoke, fumes.
Ngánung nag-asu man ang dapug?
Why is the hearth giving o?
{2} [b4] be in path of smoke.
Ayawg dáub dihà kay maasuhan mi diri, Dont build a fire there because were right in the path of the smoke.
{3} [B1246] go up in smoke, be for naught.
Ang kwartang gigugul nímu naasu lang, The money you invested was for naught.
pa-v [A; b6] fumigate, apply smoke to plants to make them bear.
Paasuhi ang mangga arun mamúwak, Smoke the mango tree so it will bloom.
asuasu v {1} [A] give o?
smoke continuously.
{2} [A3; b(1)] come fast and thick, in rapid succession.
Miasuasu ang íyang kúmù, The blows from his fists came fast and furiously.
alasúhan a exposed to smoke.
n chimney.

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Come on guys, let's be serious. If you really want to do something, don't just 'like' this post. Write that you are ready, and we can try to start something" [Mustafa Nayyem quoted in Chrystia Freeland, "Euromaidan, Kiev: A Place Becomes A Movement"].

Catie Marron, City Squares: Eighteen Writers on the Spirit and Significance of Squares Around the World

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Two aardvarks watched in amazement as a firework flashed across the sky. 1st aardvark: Wow! I wish I could fly like that. 2nd aardvark: You would, if your tail was on fire.


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