"Alimbukad" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO

alimbukad HILIGAYNON

alimbukád - To bubble, froth, foam,
seethe; a bubble, foam, froth.
Nagaalimbukád ang túbig sa bubón. The
water in the bathing-hole is bubbling. May
alimbukád ang túbig sa áwang. The water
in the cistern is frothy or foamy.
Paalimbukará (-adá) ang túbig. Make the
water bubble (by stirring, throwing stones
into it, etc.). (cf. bukál, akál-akál).

alimbukad CEBUANO

alimbúkad (from bukad) v [A2S] {1} expand in an upward di-rection, well upwards.
Mialimbúkad ang asu pagkasúnug sa asíti sa baril, The smoke welled up as the oil in the barrel burned.
{2} for feelings to well up.
Mialimbúkad sa íyang kahiladman ang kahínam, A feeling of eager expectations welled up inside him.
{3} pull in the cheeks and stick out the lips slightly in an expression of distaste.
n an underwater source of a lake from which water rushes into the lake.

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