Agi (2) - mark; footstep


Agi (1) - penmanship


agî - Soft, effeminate, not manly, said of
men with feminine voice and manners,


ági v [A2S3S; b6] {1} go by, through a place.
Dílì ku muági dihà kay náay irù, I wont go that way because theres a dog there.
{1a} [A2S; c] for food to be cooked in s.t.
Dì ku makakáug sud-an nga giági ug mantíkà, I cant eat food that was cooked in fat.
{2} for time to go by.
Nakadaug aku sa swipstik sa miáging simána, I won the sweepstakes last week.
Sa nag-aging mga búlan, nagkaluya pud siya, As the months went by, he became steadily weaker.
{3} gone through ones hands, had experience with one.
Pila na ka babáyi ang niági kaníya?
How many women have gone through his hands?
Daghan na ang ispisyalista nga miági kaníya, Many specialists have examined her.
{4} have experienced s.t.
Nakaagi na ku sa pagpamutsatsu, I have already experienced being a servant.
{5} [A23] for a writing instrument to work.
Dì na muági ning bulpína, This ballpoint pen doesnt write any more.
n {1} path traversed.
Mibálik siya sa íyang ági, He retraced his steps.
{2} result of the action of some instrument.
Ági sa gabas, The kerf of the saw.
Ági sa lápis, The imprint of the pencil.
Ági sa makina, Stitches of the sewing machine.
Ági sa bunal, Welts made by a whip.
Ági sa dáru, Furrows.
{3} handwriting.
{4} output, work accomplished.
Gamay kaáyu siyag ági kay tapulan, He has little output because hes lazy.
{6} profits.
Dakù siyag ági sa pagpahulam, He made big profits from his usury.
{7} transient.
Ági lang ang íyang kasukù, His anger will soon pass.
{8} ug, sa by way of, as an expression of.
Kining rilu ágig handumánan nátù, This watch is by way of remembrance.
() v [A; ac] pass by to pick up or leave s.t.
on the way.
Agiun tika unyà, Ill stop by to pick you up.
Iagi ang karsunsilyu sa ka Pidru, Bring the shorts to Pedros on your way.
a leaky.
Tárung agi, A leaky can.
v [B1256] become leaky.
pa- v {1} [A; ac] cause to go in a certain way.
Unsáun man nátù pagpaági nga dílì mailhan?
How will we do it so it wont be recognized?
Ang íyang gugma gipaági níya sa suwat, He made his love known through letters.
n way.
Unsay maáyung paági sa paglútug bam-i?
What is a good way to prepare noodles?
pina- n means.
Nabuksan ang kandádu pinaági sa yáwi, The lock was opened by means of a key.
paN-v [b4] for an expectant mother to have her bag of waters break.
Gipangagían na siya piru wà pa magbatì, Her bag of waters has broken, but she is not in labor yet.
agiánan n {1} passageway.
Makalapus ka ngadtu kay náa may agiánan, You can pass through there because there is a passageway.
{2} a means to an end or accomplishment.
Kanang hulamhúlam ug libru mauy usa ka pasángil, agiánan sa panagsulátay níla, Borrowing each others books was a means for them to write each other.
alagían n = agiánan.
a near a place people pass.
Ang ílang balay alagían kanang paingun ta sa lungsud, Their house is right on the way when we go to town.
-um-r-, -um-l- n {1} about to pass.
{2} of a passing character.
Umaági (umalági) ra ning ulána, This is just a passing rain.
ka- n an event, happening, or experience.
Ang súnug usa ka kaági nga dílì malimtan, The conflagration is an unforgettable event.
kaaginhun, maaginhun a full of history, eventful.


ági () anhà mag- it will inevitably be so.
Anhà giyud ka mag-agi sa latigu kay buyágun ka man, It looks like youre going to have to get whipped.
Youre so naughty.
pa- v {2} [A; ab] go over s.t.
with an instrument.
Paagia kug kadiyut sa ákung sinínà, Let me just press my dress a second time.
Gipaagian ku na ang mga hábul nga gisiun, I have already run the torn sheets through the sewing machine.
pa-() = pa-, v2.


agi {1} oh my!
, expression of surprise.
Agi, kadakù ánang isdáa!
Oh my!
How big that fish is!
{1a} expression of revulsion to s.t.
Agi, kangilngig naadtu!
how terrible that was!
{1b} expression of objection to s.t.
erent from what is desired.
Dì man nà mau!
That is not the one I asked for.
{1c} expression of happiness at s.t.
found out.
Agi, kanindut, kun tinúud, My!
How nice, if its true.
{2} expression of sudden pain.
Sakíta, Ow!
That hurts.


ági - Passage, trace, incident, event; to go
by, pass by, pass through. Ang mga ági kag
bilín sang salâ. The traces and remains of
sin. Ang mga ági sang íya kabúhì. The
incidents of his life. Kon magági ka dirí,
hapíti kamí. If you pass this way, visit us.
Indì ka makaági dirâ, kay nakodalán ang
umá. You cannot pass through there, for
the field is fenced in. Ang dálan nga íla
ginágyan (ginagíhan)—. The road over
which they passed—. Iági akó siníng tulúnan sa kay Fuláno. Kindly hand this book
over to N.N. in passing. Buás ágyon ko
ikáw. Tomorrow I’ll call for you in passing
(and take you along). Buás ágyan ko ikáw.
Tomorrow I’ll visit you on my way.
Paágyon mo kamí sa ímo umá. Let us pass
through your field. Dílì mo pagpaágyan sa
íla ang áton umá. Don’t allow them to pass

through our field. Walâ pa akó kaági
(makaági) dídto. I have never been there
yet, I have had no occasion to pass that
way, I have not seen or passed that place at

Few words of positivity

The marquee scrolling across our minds trying to reinterpret life reads: "God-Against-Us." This becomes the dominant lens through which our flesh interprets life. We no longer give our loving Father the benefit of the doubt. Instead, we view every event as conclusive proof that God is against us.

James MacDonald, Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling: Changing Lives with God's Changeless Truth

Laugh your heart out.

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