"Tabok" is a word in WARAY, HILIGAYNON

tabok WARAY

Tabok - across the street; across the river

tabok WARAY

Tabok - to cross the road; to cross the river


tabók - The opposite (other) side or bank,
what is on the other side of a river, lake,
strait, etc.; beyond, on the farther side; to
pass from side to side, come or move across
the pathway of, cross a river, road, hill,
water-channel, etc. Tabók ka lang sa subâ.
Taboká lang ang subâ. Just cross the river.
Itabók dirí ang ákon maléta. Tabokí ang
ákon maléta kag dálhon mo dirí. Cross
over (the river, or the like) to fetch my
handbag and bring it here. Pataboká
(Itabók) ang karabáw. Take the buffalo
over to the other side (bank). Sa tabók
sang——. Beyond——. May ulúmhan man
akó sa tabók sang subâ. I also have a farm
on the other side of the river. Sa tabók
sang dálan. On the opposite side of the
street. (cf. tubá).

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