n. sickness, illness, malady. adj. /NA-/ painful, sore, aching. /MA-/ sick, ill. v. /AG-/ to be sick or ill.

sakit WARAY

Sakit - ailment


Definition: see sakit1 see sakit2 see sakit3


Active Verb: sumakit
Definition: (verb) to ache; to be in pain; to be ill
Examples: Sumakit ang aking ulo nang marinig ko ang boses ni Josie. (My head ached when I heard Josie's voice.)


Definition: (noun) sickness; physical suffering; pain


Definition: (adj) /ma--/ painful


sakit a {1} painful.
Sakit nga samad, A painful wound.
{2} hurting, causing wounded feelings.
Sakit kaáyung musulti si Pidru, Pedro speaks in a hurting way.
{3} violent death or way of dying.
Naimpas siya sa usa ka sakit nga kamatáyun, He ex-pired in a violent death.
n {1} physical pain.
Sakit nga dílì maagwanta, A pain that cant be endured.
Sakit sa tiyan, Stom-achache.
sa kalyu, pus-un, tíyan, tungà, túngul s.t.
that bothers one intensely (used sarcastically).
Sakit ba nà sa ákung kalyu ug dì ka pahulam?
What do I care if you dont lend me any (lit.
you think it hurts my corns)?
{1a} ache, emotional pain.
Ang sakit sa ákung kasingkásing, The ache in my heart.
{1b} sa buut hurt to ones pride or feelings.
Sakit sa ákung buut nang pagsaway mu nákù, It hurts my pride the way you criticized me.
{2} ail-ment, sickness.
Ang sakit mikaylap sa kabaryúhan, The disease spread through the countryside.
Sakit sa kasingkásing, Heart disease.
binulang menstruation.
sa babáyi {a} venereal disease.
{b} menstruation.
sa láwas injury.
Nagpakúsug siya sa íyang mutur kay nangítag sakit sa láwas, He rides fast on his motorcy-cle because he must want to get injured.
v {1} [A; ab4] become, make painful.
Nagsakit ba ang ímung tangu?
Does your tooth hurt?
Gisakitan kug maáyu, It hurts like hell.
ang dughan, kasingkásing [B46; b4] {a} be heartsick.
{b} be very harrassed.
Nagsakit ning ákung dughan pagpahílum ning mga bátà, I am going crazy trying to keep these children quiet.
{c} be deeply worried over s.t.
Nagsakit ang íyang dughan kay mikúyug ang íyang trátu ug láin, She is deeply worried because her boy friend went out with s.
{1c} ang kalyu, pus-un, tíyan, tungà, túngul v [A3P; b6] bother s.
intensely (sarcastic usage).
{2} [AB1256] be, become ill.
{3} [b4] for plants to bear less because of damage.
Gisakitan ang agbáti nga gipanglabnut lang pag-pangúhà kay dúgay nga nangudlut, The leaves were not taken o?
carefully from the agbáti vine and it took it long to develop new buds.
sakitsakit v [B16] be sick now and then.
Mamalhin kami ug láing puy-anan kay kanúnay lang kung magsakitsakit (masakitsakit) dinhi, We have to move to another place, as I al-ways get sick here.
n miscellaneous diseases.
Sakitsakit sa pánit, Various skin ailments.
() v {1} [A13; a12] torture, inflict un-necessary pain.
Gisákit úsà patya, Tortured before being put to death.
{1a} [A; ac5] inflict emotional pain.
Gikasákit ku kanang ímung gibúhat, I was deeply o?
ended by what you did.
{1b} [A13; a12] ask insistently, as if torturing.
Ayaw ku sakíta sa ímung bálun, Stop nagging me for your spending money.
{1c} [A3; b6] for children to put up a crying fit.
Musákit na pud ning bátà kay kúlang ug tulug, The baby will put up a crying fit again because he didnt sleep long enough.
pa- v [b(1)] inflict several small cuts on the trunk of trees to make them bear more fruit.
pa-(), paka-() v [A13; b6] make sacrifices.
Magpakasákit ku arun mulampus ang ímung pagtuun, I will sacrifice to see you through your studies.
-in-() n martyr.
ka- n pain, physical or emotional.
ka-() n {1} crucifix.
mistiryu sa the Sorrowful Mystery of the Rosary.
{2} severe su?
-l-an() a {1} sus-ceptible to diseases.
Salakítan kaáyu búsà dì maáyu ang biyáhi pára nákù, I easily get sick so I shouldnt travel.
{2} infested with organisms that cause diseases.
Salakítan kaáyu ning dapíta kay sunaup, This place is infested with disease-giving organisms because it is low and dark.
ma-un n patient, an ill person.
v [A13] be, become gravely ill.
Magmasakitun ka ug magsígi kag kaguul, You will become gravely ill if you always worry.
paN- n pains, aches, characteristics of a sickness.
Kining banyúsa álang sa panakit sa labad sa úlu, This compound is for pains that accompany a headache.


sákit - Grief, mental pain, mental
suffering, sadness, sorrow, woe, distress,
affliction; to grieve, be sad or in sorrow, be
sorry, pained or distressed. Nagakasákit
ang buút ko. I am grieved, pained. Ang
nasakítan ko gid (Ang nasakítan gid sang
ákon buút) amó ang——. What grieves me
most is——. What I am chiefly sorry for
is——. Ginakasakítan ko gid ang
kamatáyon sang ákon ilóy. I am very sad
on account of the death of my mother. Dílì
nímo igkasákit inâ. Don’t be distressed at
that. Dî mo pagpasakíton ang ímo mga
ginikánan. Don’t grieve your parents. Walâ

sakatehán – sáksi
gid níla pagigkasákit ang amó nga hitabâ.
They were not sorry at all for what
happened. (cf. subô, kághà, lisúd, sakít).


sákit n socket for an electric light.
tayip nga tigib k.
chisel in which the handle is set into a socket instead of having a tang.


sakít - Bodily or physical pain, suffering,
ache, smart, twinge, twitch, gripe, hurt,
soreness, sting, torment, torture; to cause
pain, to pain, inflict pain, hurt, torment,
torture, rack. Sakitá siá. Let him—feel,—
smart for it. Nasakitán siá sang kusî
(kodót) ni Fuláno. He felt the pain when
N.N. pinched him. Indì mo siá pagsakitón
sing támà. Don’t give him too much pain.
Don’t beat him too much.

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