"Paraleipsis" is a word in ENGLISH

paraleipsis ENGLISH

A pretended or apparent omission; a figure by which a
speaker artfully pretends to pass by what he really mentions; as, for
example, if an orator should say, \"I do not speak of my adversary's
scandalous venality and rapacity, his brutal conduct, his treachery and

Few words of positivity

As the Roman Empire came to its close, all the old gods of the pagan world were seen as demons by the Christians who rose. It was useless to tell them as the centuries passed that their Christ was but another God of the Wood, dying and rising, as Dionysus or Osiris had done before him, and that the Virgin Mary was in fact the Good Mother again enshrined. Theirs was a new age of belief and conviction, and in it we became devils, detached from what they believed, as old knowledge was forgotten or misunderstood.

Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

Laugh your heart out.

What's pink, lives in a sty and drinks blood? A hampire.

abelonian ENGLISH

One of a sect in Africa (4th century), mentioned by St. Augustine, who states that they married, but lived in …

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adúna short form: dúna there is, are, will be. Dúnay libru sa lamísa, There is a book on the table. …

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adventurer ENGLISH

A social pretender on the lookout for advancement.

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affected ENGLISH

Given to false show; assuming or pretending to possess what is not natural or real.

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affecter ENGLISH

One who affects, assumes, pretends, or strives after.

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agap a {1} in a great hurry to do s.t. Agap ka ra kaáyung misudyà níya, You were much too …

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agaw short form: gaw title for people who are cousins. Anía si Agaw Tídu, Here is Cousin Tido. ig-() n …

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ágbà - Dumb, mum, silent, taciturn (applied to persons who habitually talk little, and rarely allow themselves to be drawn …

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agiing ILOKANO

v. /-UM-/ to be timid, shy, bashful. Saan ka nga umagiing. Don’t be shy. AGIN-+ R2, a verbalizing prefix with …

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álam (not without l) ka- n knowledge of some special field, spe-cific know-how. Wà kuy kaálam sa pagpanghílut, I have …

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alibagbag CEBUANO

alibagbag pa- v [A; b6] avoid answering or seeming to heed by speaking o? the topic, or pretend to be …

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alingawngaw CEBUANO

alingawngaw pa- v [A; b6] pretend not to hear or see or know about s.t. one knows very well about. …

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áloy - A pretended sickness; to feign sickness, pretend to be ill, to malinger, simulate some illness. Aloy lang ináng …

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aloyán - Pretending to be ill, simulating a disease. Aloyán nga táo. One who pretends to be ill.

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alungayngay HILIGAYNON

alungáyngay - To hang or droop loosely, to fall or break down in a heap, to sink or drop to …

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anak n son, daughter. sa búhat {1} laborer. {2} accustomed to hard work. Way báli kanà, kay anak man aku …

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andir a {1} short for andir dibúnal, bakyà, sáya be dominated, subjugated to ones wife. {2} subordinate to. Andir ku …

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anékdota - (Sp. anécdota) Anecdote, story, yarn. (cf. súgid, ági, tabô, inágyan, etc.). ang – ángkat ang, The definite article: …

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ási {1} expression needling a person for pretending. Ási, patu-lugtúlug. Bákun na dihà, Ha, pretending to sleep, are you? Get …

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as-ip pa- v [A1; b(1)] pretend to be what one is not. Magpaas-ip bayà siyang dátù unyà pubri diay, She …

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