"Ngitngit" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


ngítngit - Sting, prick, heart-ache,
compunction; to sting, prick, be or become
difficult to bear, troublous, hard.
Nagngítngit ang íya pangabúhì karón.
Nangitngitán siá sang pangabúhì karón.
He is having a hard time of it now. His life
is at present full of hardships. (cf. lisúd,
lapígot, ngótngot).

ngitngit CEBUANO

ngitngit a for the atmosphere to be dark.
v [B; ab] get dark, be out of the light.
Panáig mu kay nagngitngit lang ang balay, Light some candles because the house is dark.
Wà makláru ang íyang nawung kay nangitngitan, We couldnt make out his face because it was in the dark.
pa- v [A; b] be in a dark place.
Nagpangitngit sila arun dì himatikdan, They stayed in the dark in order not to be noticed.
ka-an n place where there is darkness.
Ang panulay mauy hárì sa kangitngítan, Satan is the ruler of darkness.


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