"Agti" is a word in CEBUANO


agtì v [BN] {1} become very dark due to heat.
Miagtì (nangagtì) íyang nawung sa ínit, His face has become black because of the sun.
{2} be dry and brittle.
Ning-agtì ang káhuy, The wood became dry and brittle.

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as-as a for leaves to be very dry. v [B2; a12P] for leaves to become very dry. Nagkaas-as ang patayng …

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bagnet ILOKANO

v. /MANG-:-EN/ to dry, to cause to become dry. Bagnetem nga nasayaat dagita kayo. Dry those pieces of wood well.

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bagtì a bone-dry. Ang bagtì nga káhuy maáyung isugnud kay sigaun, Bone-dry wood is good for fuel because it burns …

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To be baked; to become dry and hard in heat; as, the bread bakes; the ground bakes in the hot …

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bigol, bigol HILIGAYNON

bigól, bígol - Hardened, caked; to harden, become caked. Nagbigól ang lúnang sa íya panápton. The mud hardened on his …

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bódbod - To get or make salt from seawater by pouring the sea-water over smooth sand letting it dry and …

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bulhay CEBUANO

bulhay a for s.t. packed in a solid to be loose and dry so that it could crumble easily. Bulhay …

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consolidate ENGLISH

To grow firm and hard; to unite and become solid; as, moist clay consolidates by drying.

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To slip, or to become slightly displaced; as, the collodion on a negative, or a coat of varnish, may creep …

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daáni a root crops that are fibrous and lacking moisture because they have been left in the ground too long. …

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dágat n {1} sea. {2} sea water. v [A123P; a4] feel sick to ones stomach, seasick. Makadágat (makapadágat) pamináwun ang …

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desiccate ENGLISH
distribyutur CEBUANO

distribyútur n agent who sells a certain product in a place. Dis-tribyútur sa mga bulad, A dried fish wholesaler. Distribyútur …

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To grow dry; to become free from wetness, moisture, or juice; as, the road dries rapidly.

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