"Kiwa" is a word in WARAY, CEBUANO

kiwa WARAY

Kiwa - movement


kiwà, kiwag, kíwag a awkward because of self-consciousness or not knowing how to do s.t.
Kiwag ta sa trabáhu ug bag-u pa, We do things awkwardly when were new at them.
v [B; c1] be awkward or clumsy.
Mukíwag ang átung panlihuklihuk basta maúlaw ta, One tends to be awkward if he feels self-conscious.
() v [A; c] for s.t.
long to stick out prominently.
Nagkiwag ang ímung káhuy nga gibugkus, Some of the pieces of wood you bundled are sticking out.
Nagkiwag ang ayis pik sa íyang bulsa, The ice pick stuck out of his pocket.
Ayaw ikiwag ang ímung mga tiil sa agiánan, Dont stick your feet into the passageway.

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bakikaw CEBUANO

bakikaw a awkward, graceless. Ang walhun bakikaw tan-áwun nga manahì, A left-handed person looks graceless when he sews. v [B1; …

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bángkag - Bulky, cumbersome: to be awkward to carry on account of size or shape, though light in weight. Nagbángkag …

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bangkiwag CEBUANO

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bikwálon - Clumsy, awkward, gawky, ungainly, clownish, uncouth. Bikwálon ang íya nga paghámbal. His talk is uncouth. He talks in …

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búkag - Dishevelled, rumpled, loose, unkempt, shaggy; to be or become dishevelled, etc. Nagabúkag ang ímo bohók. Your hair is …

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huyamì a {1} clumsy, awkward in movement. {2} moving lazily, without energy. Dúgayng makapanlimpiyu ang táwung huyamig linihukan, A person …

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íray nag-/magdala sa spoil an otherwise perfect performance by ineptness. Nindut untà musáyaw ang kadaghánan, apan nagdá lang tu sa …

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kiwaw a awkward, esp. in movement, but also, by extension, in speech and behavior. Kiwawng linihukan, Awkward move-ments. v [B; …

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mabangkag HILIGAYNON

mabángkag - Bulky, cumbersome, cumbrous, taking up much space on account of not being compact, awkward to carry on account …

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sábad - (H) Awkward, unwieldy, inconvenient, unsuitable due to too great length; to be or become inconvenient due to great …

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ságway - Awkwardness, inconvenience, unwieldiness (on account of being too long); to be or become too long for any given …

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sakung CEBUANO

sakung a bent downwards more than it should be. Sakung kaáyu ning ímung sundang, bakikaw ug huyad, Your bolo is …

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