n. hole, opening, leak, puncture, crevice. v. /MANG-:-AN/ to put or make a hole on, to puncture. Abutam ta niog ta alaem ta digo na. Make a hole on the coconut and get its water. /MANGI-: I-/ to put or drop in a hole or opening; to put or drop inside (something) through a hole or opening. Iyabut mo dayta kuartam idiay alkansiam. Put your money inside your piggy bank. /MAI-/ to fall into a hole or opening; to go through a hole or opening accidentally. Naiyabut ti saka na. His leg went through a hole accidentally.


v. /-UM-/ to reach, arrive in. Immabutak idiay Manila. I reached Manila. /MAKA-: MA-AN/ to (be able to) overtake or reach. Isu ti nakaabut kanyak. He was the one who overtook me.


To reach, to touch. In old law, the ends were said to abut, the sides to adjoin, Cro. Jac. 184. And see Lawrence v. Killam, 11 Kan. 499, 511; Springfield v. Green, 120 111. 269, 11 N. E. 261


ábut - To reach, come up with, overtake,
catch up with. Abúton ko ikáw karón. I
shall soon overtake you. Dalágan ka, agúd
dílì ka maábut kag sungáyon sang
karabáw nga simarón. Run, lest the wild
buffalo should catch and toss you. Básì
maábut mo pa siá sa dálan. Possibly you
may overtake him yet on the road. Nagabút
gid siá, ápang walâ makaábut sang misa.
He arrived, indeed, but too late for hearing
Mass. (Literally: "———, but he could not
reach Mass”).


abut () a variety of grain that gives a big yield or k.
soil that yields well.
Ábut kaáyu ang basakan kay sa kamad-an, Rice paddies yield more than the uplands.
pa-() n expected delivery date for a mother.
Karung simanáha ang paábut sa ákung asáwa, Our baby is due this week.


To project; to terminate or border; to be contiguous; to
meet; -- with on, upon, or against; as, his land abuts on the road.


abut v {1} [A; a12] arrive, reach a place.
Dì pa makaabut (maabut) ang suwat, The letter wont have arrived yet.
Duul ra.
Maabut ug lud-an, Its close by, within spitting distance (can be reached by spitting).
{1a} [A; ac] lead to and reach a place.
Muabut ba ning karsadáha sa subà?
Does this road reach the river?
Kining lugára dílì abutun sa táub, The tide doesnt get as far as this place.
{1b} [A; ac] reach s.t.
with the arms.
Maabut ba nímu ang sanga?
Can you reach the branch?
Iabut kunu nang ímung kamut sa bungbung, Reach your hands out to the wall.
{1c} [B; b4] reach an amount, last a certain length.
Ang ákung swildu dílì muabut ug dus mil, My salary doesnt reach two thousand.
Walà abtig duha ka adlaw ang bugas, The rice did not last two days.
{1d} sa hunàhúnà come to the mind.
{1e} [b4] receive money.
Abtan (abutan) ku tingálig kwarta rung hápun, Ill probably get my money this afternoon.
{2} [a4] have a feeling come over one.
Giabut siyag kakulbà, A feeling of terror came over her.
{3a} [A23; b4] catch s.
doing s.t.
Si Turyuy nakaabut nílang nagháluk, It was Torio who came upon them kissing.
{3b} [b4] be overtaken.
Abtan kag gabíi sa dálan, You will be overtaken by night on the road.
{4} [A2; b4] come to an orgasm.
Dílì giyud muabut ang lamì, She wont have an orgasm.
(The delicious feeling will not arrive.
) Abtan ra gihápun síya basta maningkámut ang duruha, She will have an orgasm if both try their best.
{5} [A23] for an event or sea-son of the year to come around.
Dì na madúgay muabut na ang Pasku, It wont be long before Christmas comes.
{6} [A12; b] be on time for s.t.
Nakaabut ka ba sa panahun sa Katsílà?
Do you go back as far as the Spanish times?
Maabtan pa nímu ang barku, You can still catch the boat.
{7a} [A12; a1] a?
ord to pay for s.t.
Dì ku makaabut ug palit niánà, I cant a?
ord to buy that.
Wà siyay ikaabut sa báyad, He has no funds to meet the payments with.
{7b} [a3] can be done, reached.
Tabángan tikaw kútub sa ákung maabut, Ill help you as much as I can.
{8} [A; b6] stay temporarily some place.
Háin man ka mag-abut run?
Where are you staying now?
n {1} s.t.
or s.
that has arrived s.w.
Dílì ni karáan uy.
Bag-u ning abut, This is not old stock.
It just arrived.
Bag-u kung abut dinhi.
Wà pa ku kad-umdum, I am a newcomer here.
I dont know how to get there.
{2} yield, proceeds from an e?
ort, income, harvest.
Pilay abut sa yútà káda túig?
How much does the land yield each year?
Gamay rag abut ang munisipyu, The town has a small income.
() v [C; ac] {1} meet together.
Abútun nákù ang duha ka tu-muy, I will make the two ends meet.
Mau kadtung lugára ang ámung gikaabútan (gipanag-abútan), That is the place where we met.
{2} overlap in time.
Nag-ábut na man gánì ang sinanggì karun ug sa miáging túig, This years corn crop overlaps with last years.
, this years crop was harvested before last years crop had been used up.
) {3} [A13] ang ginháwa be panting for breath (gasps of breath overlap).
Giúyug siya sa ubu.
Nag-ábut ang íyang pagginháwa, He was shaken by his coughing fit.
He was panting for breath.
pa-() v [A; a] wait in expectation for.
Dì na ku mupaábut sa kumbira, I wont wait for the party.
Paabútun tikaw hangtud sa alas kwatru, Ill wait for you un-til four oclock.
abut-abut v [A3; b6] arrive in close succession.
Nag-abut-abut ang mga bisíta, Visitors came one after another.
abut-ábut v [A3; b6] go every now and then.
Nag-abut-ábut nà siya sa Hungkung, She goes to Hong Kong often.
siN- v [A13] {1} for a time, event to approach.
Nagsingabut ang pista, The fiesta is approaching.
{1a} for ones time of the month to ap-proach.
Nagsingabut na, maung saputun, Shes in a bad mood because her time of the month is approaching.
{2} be in expec-tations of, look forward to.
Nagsingabut ku nga mahuman ang trabáhug sayu, Im expecting to finish the work early.
-l-un() n {1} subject to periodic attacks of an illness.
{2} s.
who has the fortune of getting a large yield from an e?
alabtan, abtanan n place one usually stays temporarily.
-l-an-() n {1} = abtanan.
{2} place one meets s.
um-r-(), um-l-(), tali-, tali-(), sali-, sali-() n about to arrive.
May umaábut (umalábut, taliabut, taliábut, saliabut, saliábut) nga mga bisíta, There are some visitors about to arrive.


abút - To arrive, come to, reach, to appear
on the scene. Sán-o pa ikáw magabút?
When did you arrive? Sán-o ikáw
magaabút? When will you come? Abutan
ko ikáw karón sa ímo balay. I will come to
see you presently at your home. Inabután
siá sing dakû nga kahádluk. Great fear
came over him. Anó ang ginapaabút mo?
What are you waiting for? Paabutón ta pa
ang koríyo kag ugáling magpaúlì. Let us
wait for the mail to come in and then go
home. Maglakát ka na sing madásig, agúd
makaabút pa ikáw dídto sa napát-ud nga
táknà. Now, walk quickly, that you may
reach there at the appointed hour.

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