"Bul" is a word in CEBUANO


búl n mason jar, used as a measure for toddy.
búla (not without l) n {1} ball.
{2} game of ball.
dimánu n cue ball in billiards.
v {1} [A; c1] form s.t.
into a ball.
{2} [A26; b6] play a ball game.
bulabúla v [A; c1] {1} make meat balls.
{2} be bounced around like a ball.
Ang sakayan gibulabúla sa dagkung balud, The boat was tossed about like a ball in the high seas.
{3} for several persons to maul s.
bouncing him around among themselves.
n {1} dish consisting of little meat balls.
{2} plimsoll line, indicating the load line of a ship.
-dur() n ball player.

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almundigas CEBUANO

almundigas n dish consisting of meat balls with plain sauce. v [A1; c1] make this dish.

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n. a kind of native sweet made of glutinous rice powder which is cooked in lard until it swells and …

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andir a {1} short for andir dibúnal, bakyà, sáya be dominated, subjugated to ones wife. {2} subordinate to. Andir ku …

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anihag CEBUANO

aníhag (from síhag) v {1} [A; c1] peer or look through s.t. trans-parent. Dihay mianihag (nag-anihag) sa bildung takup, S. …

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antug v [A; c] {1} toss the coin in a coin-tossing game (han-tak). Ayaw ug antúgi ning batúha, Dont toss …

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awutsayid CEBUANO

awutsayid n out of bounds. v [B12; a12] go out of bounds. Ug maawtsayid ang búla ning sirbíha, pildi ta, …

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bagtik CEBUANO

bagtik a hard because of being full. v [B; a] get hard. Bagtíkun nátù ang búla arun kusug muuntul, Lets …

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balabala CEBUANO

balabála n a childrens game played by hitting a ball one tosses himself with a stick. If another player catches …

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baldi n {1} pail. {2} storm signal consisting of a cone made of canvas raised by day in combination with …

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bálì balìbálì n {3} in basketball, bending the upper part of the body far to the back while shooting to …

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bámir n one whose position in a volleyball game is to spike the ball. v [B1256; c6] be the spiker.

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banda v [B3(1); c1] for s.t. heavy to strike and bounce o? s.t. Nabanda (mibanda) ang batu sa bungbung, The …

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bantay CEBUANO

bantay v [A; b(1)] {1} watch s.t. , keep watch over. Wà siyay ági, nagbantay lang sa úras, He doesnt …

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baskit CEBUANO

baskit bul n {2} k. o. dance characterized by movements which suggest the dribbling and shooting of a ball. v …

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bat n baseball bat. v [A; a1] bat a ball.

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bayli n dance, ball. v {1} [AC; b1c3] do ballroom dancing. Gibaylíhan (gikabayli) nákù si Rús, I danced with Rose. …

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binangkal CEBUANO

binangkal n delicacy made of leftover bread or cookies with sugar made into a ball, covered with sesame seeds and …

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binipisyu CEBUANO

binipisyu n {1} activity held to raise money for charity. {2} charity, pecuniary help. Nangáyù ang alkaldig binipisyu sa mga …

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v. /MANG-:-EN/ to untie or undo (a knot); to unravel or untangle (a tangle). Bokraem man daytoy siglot ti talik? …

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bolabola ILOKANO

n. 1. a ball of sewing thread usually wound on a bobbin. 2. anything that is rounded, e. g. meatballs. …

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