"Bakbak" is a word in TAGALOG, HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


bákbak - Also: to beat, drub, give one a
hiding, punish severely. (cf. tarítári,
torótóro, bakábáka, búnak, labá, pákas).

bakbak TAGALOG

Passive Verb: bakbakan
Definition: 1) detached, decorticated (adj) 2) to remove the bark or thick skin of something; to chastise someone (verb)

bakbak CEBUANO

bakbak n frog, toad.

bakbak CEBUANO

bakbak = balakbak.

bakbak CEBUANO

bakbak n abaca hemp made from the outer stalks of the abaca.

bakbak CEBUANO

bakbak n path of hardened dirt.
v [B1256] harden from being trod upon.
Nabakbak ang tugkaran sa ímung pagbinalikbálik, The yard got all trampled down the way you kept going back and forth through it.

bakbak CEBUANO

bakbak n {1} piece of metal or precious stone used to orna-ment a surface, usually a comb.
{2} sole of footgear.
Pánit ang bakbak sa íyang sapátus, His shoes have leather soles.
v [A; b] {1} inlay with precious metal, stones.
Sudlayng binakbákan ug sinúbung, A comb plated with gold.
{2} put soles on footgear.

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balakbak CEBUANO

balakbak n {1} cloth or similar material to lie, walk, sit on. Duguun ang bakbak nga giangkan, The sheets on …

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