"Ansyas" is a word in HILIGAYNON


ánsyas - (Sp. ansia, ansiar) Eagerness,
anxiety, desire for; to be eager, anxious, to
desire, hanker after or crave; want; to
dissemble or hide one’s eagerness, to refuse
or decline only apparently. May ánsyas siá
sa pagtoón, paglakát, paghalín, etc. He is
anxious to study, to walk, to go away, etc.
Nagaánsyas siá sa pakigáway. He is eager
for a fight. Ansyasí ang pagbátok mo sa
íya. Show that you are eager to oppose him.
Iánsyas mo sa íya iníng bastón. Use this
stick to show him that you are quite ready
to fight him. Nagánsyas siá, ugái
nakaúyon man sinâ. He apparently
refused, but in reality he liked it. Indì ka
magánsyas, kay nakasáyod man akó, nga
malúyag ka magtámbong dídto. Don’t
hide your eagerness, for I know well
enough that you wish to be present there.
(cf. hánggab, lúyag, pangabáy, himúlat;
bisyó-bísyo, birô-bírò, indî-índì).

Few words of positivity

Come on guys, let's be serious. If you really want to do something, don't just 'like' this post. Write that you are ready, and we can try to start something" [Mustafa Nayyem quoted in Chrystia Freeland, "Euromaidan, Kiev: A Place Becomes A Movement"].

Catie Marron, City Squares: Eighteen Writers on the Spirit and Significance of Squares Around the World

Laugh your heart out.

Two aardvarks watched in amazement as a firework flashed across the sky. 1st aardvark: Wow! I wish I could fly like that. 2nd aardvark: You would, if your tail was on fire.

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