"Album Graecum" is a word in ENGLISH

album graecum ENGLISH

Dung of dogs or hyenas, which becomes white by
exposure to air. It is used in dressing leather, and was formerly used
in medicine.

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basâ - Moisture, humidity, dankness, damp, dampness, wet, wetness; moist, damp, wet, soaked, dank, humid; to make or become wet, …

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casings ENGLISH

Dried dung of cattle used as fuel.

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cowblakes ENGLISH

Dried cow dung used as fuel.

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grainer ENGLISH

An infusion of pigeon's dung used by tanners to neutralize the effects of lime and give flexibility to skins; -- …

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grains ENGLISH

Pigeon's dung used in tanning. See Grainer. n., 1.

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hindà {1} baby talk for higdà go to sleep. Hindà na ta dung. Túlug na, Come on. Lets go sleepy-by, …

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ínit a {1} hot, warm to the touch. Ínit ang pán, The bread is still warm. Ínit kaáyu sa kwartu, …

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ípot - (H) Faeces, excrement, dung, ordure. (cf. tái; ití—droppings of birds, etc. Tái and ípot are used promiscuously for …

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iskina CEBUANO

iskína n {1} corner. Iskína lang dung, Let me o? at the corner, driver. Ang iskína sa kahun, The corner …

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The dung of dogs, used as an alkaline steep in tanning.

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