"Adobo" is a word in TAGALOG, HILIGAYNON


adóbo - (Sp. adobo) A dish of meat cut up
or sliced and mixed with vinegar and
various spices; to make or serve adóbo.
Adobóha ang báboy. Work the pork up
into adóbo. Bákli akó sing kárne, kay
adobóhon ko sa panyága. Buy me some
meat, for I am going to prepare from it a
dish of adóbo for dinner. Anhon mo iníng
kárne?—Adobóhon ko. What are you going
to do with this meat?—I am going to make
adóbo of it. Adobóhi ang mga bisíta. Treat
the visitors to a dish of adóbo. Makahíbalo
ka magadóbo? Do you know how to
prepare adóbo? Anhon mo iníng
lánggaw?—Iadóbo ko sa kárne. What are
you using this vinegar for?—I am going to
use it for a dish of adóbo.


Definition: a Filipino pork/chicken dish marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, pepper
Examples: Adobong manok at baboy ang ulam ni Shiela kagabi. (Shiela had marinated chicken and pork dish last night.)

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