"Adiaphoristic" is a word in ENGLISH

adiaphoristic ENGLISH

Pertaining to matters indifferent in faith and

Few words of positivity

My prayer is an attitude of pure gratitude for having the opportunity to experience life on this earth with all its pain, heartache, worry, and turmoil; coupled with this gratitude is the thankfulness for just having the opportunity to have lived. That is fairly easy on good days but difficult when life puts rocks and boulders in the road.

David W. Earle

Laugh your heart out.

The nurse who can smile when things go wrong is probably going off duty.

confess ENGLISH

To make acknowledgment or avowal in a matter pertaining to one's self; to acknowledge, own, or admit, as a crime, …

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confession ENGLISH

Acknowledgment; avowal, especially in a matter pertaining to one's self; the admission of a debt, obligation, or crime.

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formal ENGLISH

Belonging to the constitution of a thing, as distinguished from the matter composing it; having the power of making a …

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gugma n love. Krás lang nà dì gugma, Thats not love. Thats just a crush. Gugma sa inahan, A mothers …

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Of or pertaining to matter; material; corporeal; as, hylic influences.

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impertinent ENGLISH

Not pertinent; not pertaining to the matter in hand; having no bearing on the subject; not to the point; irrelevant; …

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A latitudinarian system or condition; freedom of opinion in matters pertaining to religious belief.

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material ENGLISH

Pertaining to the matter, as opposed to the form, of a thing. See Matter.

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mechanical ENGLISH

Pertaining to, governed by, or in accordance with, mechanics, or the laws of motion; pertaining to the quantitative relations of …

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Of or pertaining to a mass of matter; -- said of the properties or motions of masses, as distinguished from …

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ochreous ENGLISH

Of or pertaining to ocher; containing or resembling ocher; as, ocherous matter; ocherous soil.

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peptic ENGLISH

Pertaining to pepsin; resembling pepsin in its power of digesting or dissolving albuminous matter; containing or yielding pepsin, or a …

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prejudical ENGLISH

Of or pertaining to the determination of some matter not previously decided; as, a prejudical inquiry or action at law.

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residuary ENGLISH

Consisting of residue; as, residuary matter; pertaining to the residue, or part remaining; as, the residuary advantage of an estate.

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saccharine ENGLISH

Of or pertaining to sugar; having the qualities of sugar; producing sugar; sweet; as, a saccharine taste; saccharine matter.

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sanious ENGLISH

Pertaining to sanies, or partaking of its nature and appearance; thin and serous, with a slight bloody tinge; as, the …

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saprophytic ENGLISH

Feeding or growing upon decaying animal or vegetable matter; pertaining to a saprophyte or the saprophytes.

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sedimentary ENGLISH

Of or pertaining to sediment; formed by sediment; containing matter that has subsided.

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tungud CEBUANO

tungud {1} because, due to. Napúkan si Samsun tungud ni Dilayla, Samson fell because of Delilah. Tungud kay nalísang ku, …

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tungúd - Right, reason, motive, interest, relation or connection with, reference, regard. May tungúd siá kag bangúd sa pagbúhat sinâ. …

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