"Abatement Of A Nuisance" is a word in LAW AND LEGAL

Abatement Of A Nuisance LAW AND LEGAL

The removal, prostration, or destruction of that which causes a nuisance, whether by breaking or pulling it down, or
otherwise removing, disintegrating, or effacing
it. Ruff v. Phillips, 50 Ga. 130.
The remedy which the law allows a party injured by a
nuisance of destroying or removing it by his own act, so as
he commits no riot in doing it, nor occasions (in the case
of a private nuisance) any damage beyond what the removal of the inconvenience necessarily requires. 3 Bl.
Comm. 5, 168; 3 Steph.Comm. 361; 2 Salk. 458.

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abatable ENGLISH

Capable of being abated; as, an abatable writ or nuisance.

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To bring entirely down or put an end to; to do away with; as, to abate a nuisance, to abate …

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abatement ENGLISH

The act of abating, or the state of being abated; a lessening, diminution, or reduction; removal or putting an end …

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abator ENGLISH

One who abates a nuisance.

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Ad Nocumentum LAW AND LEGAL

To the nuisance, or annoyance. Fleta, lib. 2, c. 52, 8 19. Ad nocumentum liberi tenementi sui, to the nuisance …

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alingása - Noise, hubbub, clamour, disturbance; disturbing, trying or tiringly noisy, even if not very loud; to be or get …

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aliwarus CEBUANO

aliwárus a nuisance, annoyance caused by noise and motion. Ang daghang pidikab mauy nakaaliwárus (nakapaaliwárus) sa karsáda, The large number …

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an {1} expression of surprise. {a} at s.t. pleasant. An, kanindut sa ímung ariyus, Oh what beautiful earrings you have! …

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Annoyance; nuisance. Cowell; Kelham

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English: nuisance Tagalog: asungot

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babil a be bothered with s.t. s. o. is carrying. Ayaw pagdalag mga bátà kay babil ka unyà kaáyu, Dont …

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badlung CEBUANO

badlung v [A; a12] tell s.o. to stop doing s. t. , admonish. Ang kanáway mubadlung sa tímug, The west …

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dispatsr CEBUANO

dispatsr v [A; c1] {1} get rid of s.t. Dispatsaha (idispatsr) kin-ing mga bátà. Sámuk kaáyu, Get rid of these …

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dissoor ILOKANO

v. /AG-/ to fall suddenly and heavily. /MANGI-: I-/ to cause to fall suddenly and heavily, to put down suddenly …

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disturbu CEBUANO

disturbu v [B6P; a] n nuisance, s.t. that disturbs. Disturbu kaáyu kining pagsígig íhì, It is a nuisance to have …

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galawgaw CEBUANO

galawgaw n one who is good for nothing and who is only a nuisance in a group activity. Dílì giyud …

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gátud - Curse, malediction, expletive, imprecation, anathema; to curse, damn, execrate, swear at, imprecate. Anó ang gátud níya siní! What …

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gúyum - A kind of small, black ants, that are a great nuisance, for they seem to be everywhere and …

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hásul v {1} [A; a] bother, give trouble, inconvenience. Muhásul ku nímug kadiyut ha? May I bother you for a …

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hó - A term to urge on horses, buffaloes, etc. Gee up! Get up! Also an exclamation expressive of annoyance …

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