"Turu" is a word in CEBUANO


túru n {1} male carabao or bull.
nga báka bull.
{2} male in a paid sex show.
{2a} = pa-, n2.
v {1} [B1256] become a bull.
Kusgan kaáyu ning turiyúha ug matúru na, This young bull will be very strong when it gets to be a full-grown bull.
{2} = pa-, v1a.
{3} [A; c16] make s.
work like a horse.
Kusug nang agalúnang mutúru ug súgù, apan dílì maáyung manwildu, That employer makes his employees work like a horse but he doesnt pay them well.
pa- n {1} bullfight.
{2} sexual intercourse displayed for a fee.
{3} fraudulent coin-tossing game where the coins have two heads.
v [A; a] {1} hold a bullfight.
{1a} have a sex exhibition.
{1b} cheat with fraudulent coins.
{2} have sexual intercourse (humorous).
turutúru n = pa-, n2.
v {1} = pa-, v1a.
{2} [A; c16] work hard like a horse.
Giturutúru nákù ang trabáhu apan wà ku swildúhi, I worked like a horse, but I wasnt paid.
paturutúru v [A13] pretend to be brave like a bull.
turuk v {1} [B23(1)46; b(1)] sprout, grow from the surface.
Wà makaturuk ang similya tungud sa húlaw, The seeds did not sprout because of the drought.
Uy gitugkan ug buhuk si Upaw, My, old Baldy has grown hair.
{2} [B246; b(1)] for a feeling to develop.
Makapaturuk (makaturuk) sa katáhap ang íyang lini-hukan, His behavior arouses suspicion.
n {1} sprout.
Pandúngi ang mga bag-ung turuk arun dì maláyà, Cover the new sprouts so they dont wither.
{2} sprout on coconut fruit.
Tul-id giyud ang turuk sa binhiun nga lubi, The sprouts of the coconuts for planting are really straight.
{3} penis (humorous euphemism).
banwa n {1} s.t.
growing without being planted and taking space, like a weed.
{2} a person who is useless and occupies space.
Turuk banwa nà siya sa pamilya; dílì mutábang sa bu-luhatun, That person just occupies space in the house.
He does not help with the chores.
tugkan n coconut having a sprout.
turukturuk n tiny growths which emerge.
Unsa nang mga tu-rukturuk sa ímung náwung, bugas?
What are those growths on your face, pimples?

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