"Tahin-Tahin" is a word in HILIGAYNON

tahin-tahin HILIGAYNON

tahín-táhin - Well-dressed, spick and
span, neat, clean and tidy. The form
panahín-táhin is more in use especially as
verb. Nagpanahín-táhin siá, kay
mamiésta. She is well dressed, because she
is going to assist at the feast. Kon
magkádto ka dídto kinahánglan nga
magpanahíntáhin (manahíntáhin) ka.
When you go there you must be clean and
tidy,—must dress yourself with care.
Nagapanahíntáhin siá, kay
magapanganák siá. She looks spick and
span, because she is going to be godmother.

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