"Sambul" is a word in CEBUANO

sambul CEBUANO

sambul a sensitive, readily susceptible to pain if touched.
Sam-bul ug masabdan ang uluk sa bag-ung gitúlì, The head of a newly circumcised penis is highly sensitive.
Sambul kaáyu ning puling ug kipátun ning ákung mata, The particle in my eye gives me discomfort when I blink my eyes.
v {1} [A3] being sore and sen-sitive to pain if touched.
{2} [A1; b6] be an eyesore.
Kanang barungbárung makasambul sa nindut nga parki, These hovels are an eyesore in that beautiful park.

sambul CEBUANO

sambul a {2} s.t.
new which causes whoever has it to feel uneasy.
Sambul kaáyu ang antiyúhus basta bag-u pa, Eyeglasses are uncomfortable until you get used to them.

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