"Ologan" is a word in HILIGAYNON


ologán - Praise, honour, preference;
benefit. (cf. ólog; kaayóhan).

Few words of positivity

Their willingness to help others is arguably the single most important trait that defines them as Newfoundlanders. Today, it is an identity they cling to, in part, because it is something that cannot be taken away from them.

Jim DeFede, The Day the World Came to Town: 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland

Laugh your heart out.

Gi treat ni misis iyang bana sa usa ka KTV bar. Pag sulod nila, gi kumusta sa doorman iyang bana.
Doorman:Uy George, kumusta?

Natingala iyang misis ngano nailhan sya sa doorman.

Misis:Nganong kaila mansya nimo.

Mister:Kauban nako sa basketball sauna.

Paglingkod nila.

Waiter:Ang regular order ba nimo nga order George?

Mister:(Minglantaw sa iyang Misis) Akoa kauban sa Gym sauna.

Taud taud. Ming duol ang bold dancer.

Dancer:Uy George, special show ra ba gihapon?

Nasuko iyang misis, gibira si George para manguli ug ming sakay ug tricycle.

Tricycle driver. Uy George, mauta sab ning nakuha nimong dancer karon oi. Wala na gyud lain didto? 😂😂😂😂


kabáy - The Visayan name for the month of June. (cf. húnyo).

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Litis Jestimatio LAW AND LEGAL
fortuitous ENGLISH

Happening by chance; coming or occuring unexpectedly, or without any known cause; chance; as, the fortuitous concourse of atoms.

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registry ENGLISH

The place where a register is kept.

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exclamation ENGLISH

A word expressing outcry; an interjection; a word expressing passion, as wonder, fear, or grief.

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State of being commodious; suitableness for its purpose; convenience; roominess.

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To abate, annul, overthrow, or make void; as, to quash an indictment.

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jauntily ENGLISH

In a jaunty manner.

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To impose restraint upon; to limit in motion or action; to bind legally or morally; to confine; to restrain.

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myriad ENGLISH

The number of ten thousand; ten thousand persons or things.

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sala2 Definition: (noun) living room

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sevenfold ENGLISH

Repeated seven times; having seven thicknesses; increased to seven times the size or amount.

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