"Lamish" is a word in ENGLISH

lamish ENGLISH

Somewhat lame.

Few words of positivity

What you should do," she told Fat during one of his darker hours, "is get into studying the characteristics of the T-34." Fat asked what that was. It turned out that Sherri had read a book on Russion armor during World War Two. The T-34 tank had been the Soviet Union's salvation and thereby the salvation of all the Allied Powers- and, by extension, Horselover Fat's, since without the T-34 he would be speaking - not english or Latin or the koine - but German.

Philip K. Dick, VALIS

Laugh your heart out.

What do you do with a bachelor who thinks he's God's gift? Exchange him.

kasing CEBUANO

kasing n top. v [a12] make into a top. () n game of playing with a top. v [AC; b6(1)] …

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