"Kiraw" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


kíraw - To burn dimly, give but a dull,
feeble, low light, to glimmer. Nagakíraw

ang kíngke. The lamp burns but dimly.
Pakiráwa ang sugâ. Dim the light. Make
the light shine less bright (by turning down
the wick, etc.). (cf. kírot).


kíraw v [A; a] {1} mess, mix things up.
Gikíraw ang ákung aparadur unyà wà hipúsa, S.
messed up my closet without putting the things back.
{2} steal s.t.
Putlan kug kamut ang mikíraw sa alkansiya, Ill cut o?
the hands of whoever stole the piggy bank.
n activity, hum of business.
Ang kíraw sa balay sa kaslunun, The hum of activity in the bride-to-bes place.
a noisy, with confusion.
Dílì ku gustu muistr sa siyudad kay kíraw kaáyu, I do not want to stay in the city because it is very noisy.
-an() n a petty thief.
kirawkiraw v [A; a12] move about busily doing little chores.
Sígi gihápun ka dihang kirawkiraw bisag gabíi na kaáyu?
Youre still very busy taking care of little things even if its already late?

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kírot - See kíraw. Pakiróta ang kíngke. Dim the light of the lamp.

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piraw, piraw HILIGAYNON

piráw, píraw - To shine feebly, burn dimly or low, give but little light. Nagapíraw na gid lámang ang kandílà, …

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