"Innudo" is a word in ILOKANO

innudo ILOKANO

var. of INUDO. INNUROG [cf. TUROG], v. /AG-/ to spin smoothly: said of tops and similar objects.

Few words of positivity

I hate what’s become of the world. Most of the humans do. There’s so much violence and blood and meaningless death. It’s not even the normal kind of death where your heart stops beating and your loved ones put you in a hole in the ground. A boring way to spend eternity, but if you are lucky, that’s what you’ll get.

Tahnee Fritz, The Human Race

Laugh your heart out.

Which is the most dangerous animal in the Northern Hemisphere?Yak the Ripper


v. /AG-/ to warm oneself in front of a fire or any other hot object. --var. INNUDO.

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