v. /AG-/ to bend or incline the head, to bow; to look down. Nagdumug idi nakita nak. He looked down when he saw me. /MANGI-: I-/ to bend or incline down, to cause to bend or incline down.


dúmug - Wrestling; to wrestle, grapple,
struggle, scuffle. Magdúmug—or—dúmug
na kamó. Wrestle now. Start wrestling.
Dumúga siá. Wrestle with him. Grapple
with him. Dumúgi siá. Get him to fight a
wrestling bout with you. Ang mga waláy
sing tinón-an nagapáti gid silá nga kagábi gindúmug sang áswang si Fuláno. Silly
folks actually believe that last night the evil
spirit wrestled with N.N. Madámù nga
mga pamatán-on ang magatámbong kon

dúm-ug – dungkúl-dúngkul
may dúmug. Many young fellows will
attend if there is wrestling.


dúmug n dish made of ripe cooking bananas boiled in banana leaves with sugar and shredded coconut.
v [A; c1] make dúmug.
-in- = dúmug, n.


dúmug v {1} [AC; a] wrestle to the ground.
Nagkadúmug ang duha ka kábaw, The two carabaos were engaged in combat trying to knock each other over.
Dumúgun ku siya.
Mabuntug giyud siya nákù, Ill wrestle him.
I can get him down.
{2} [AC; c] perform coital activity (humorous).
{3} = dam-ag, 1, 2.
pa-n k.
net into which the fish are driven such that they snag their gills.

disbeliever ENGLISH

One who disbelieves, or refuses belief; an unbeliever. Specifically, one who does not believe the Christian religion.

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prothorax ENGLISH

The first or anterior segment of the thorax in insects. See Illusts. of Butterfly and Coleoptera.

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pantok ILOKANO

n. top, peak, tip. adj. /NA-/ long and pointed: said of the nose.

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nutshell ENGLISH

The shell or hard external covering in which the kernel of a nut is inclosed.

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steadily ENGLISH

In a steady manner.

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kurdis CEBUANO

kurdis n musical chords.

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Transcript LAW AND LEGAL

An official copy of cer-tain proceedings in a court. Thus, any per-son interested in a judgment or other record of …

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reardorse ENGLISH

Alt. of Reardoss

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stoutly ENGLISH

In a stout manner; lustily; boldly; obstinately; as, he stoutly defended himself.

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sudiyang CEBUANO

sudiyang n a cone-like, tapering structure used as an animal or fish trap into the smaller end of which the …

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sunuy n rooster, cock.

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queenship ENGLISH

The state, rank, or dignity of a queen.

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lithiasis ENGLISH

The formation of stony concretions or calculi in any part of the body, especially in the bladder and urinary passages.

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An instrument turning on a center, for boring holes. See Bit, n., 3.

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A wedge-shaped brick used in the building of an arch.

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A play on words which have the same sound but different meanings; an expression in which two different applications of …

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mawilíhon, mawilihón - Liking, pleased with, taking pleasure in, devoted to, inclined to, addicted to, partial to, gone on. Mawilíhon …

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To increase (the amount of gold or silver) by the arts of alchemy.

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