"Drinkable" is a word in ENGLISH

drinkable ENGLISH

Capable of being drunk; suitable for drink; potable.
Macaulay. Also used substantively, esp. in the plural.

Few words of positivity

I knew then what I had done. I had killed a man. I had killed a man to get a woman. I had put myself in her power, so there was one person in the world that could point a a finger at me, and I would have to die. I had done all that for her, and I never want to see her again as long as I lived. That’s all it takes, one drop of fear, to curdle love into hate.

James M. Cain, Double Indemnity

Laugh your heart out.

Q: How do you electrocute a blonde?A: Tell her to demonstrate the proper usage of an electric chair.

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