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Arches Court LAW AND LEGAL

In English ecclesiastical law. A court of appeal belonging to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Judge of which is called the “Dean of the Arches,” because hls court was anciently held in the church of Saint Mary-le-Bow, (Soncta Maria de Aren bus,) so named from the steeple, which is raised upon pillars built archwise. The court was until recently held in the hall . belonging to the College of Civilians, com-monly called “Doctors’ Commons.” It is now held in Westminster Hall Its proper Jurls-dictlon is only over the thirteen peculiar parishes belonging to the archbishop iu London, but, the office of Dean of the Arches having been for a long time united with that of the archbishop’s priucip'ol official, the Judge of the Arches, ln right of such added office, it receives and determiues appeals from the sentences of all inferior ecclesiastical courts within the province. 3 Bl. Coium. 64

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Ad Aliud Examen LAW AND LEGAL

To another tribunal; belonging to another court, cognl-zance, or jurisdiction

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Relating or belonging to a court.

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Belonging to courts of jus-tice

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In tbe oivil law. Belonging to or connected with a court; forensic. Forensis homo, an advocate; a pleader of causes; …

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A large extent or precinct of country, generally waste and woody, belonging to the sovereign, set apart for the keeping …

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higut v {1a} [A; b6(1)] tie s.t. up. Higti ang irù arun dì kapaak, Tie the dog up so it …

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indicavit ENGLISH

A writ of prohibition against proceeding in the spiritual court in certain cases, when the suit belongs to the common-law …

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Inns Of Chancery LAW AND LEGAL

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marshalsea ENGLISH

The court or seat of a marshal; hence, the prison in Southwark, belonging to the marshal of the king's household.

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