"Antaw" is a word in HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO


ántaw - Visible from afar, prominent. (cf.


antaw a for things at a distance to be visible.
Ang Buhul antaw sa Talísay, Bohol is visible from Talisay.
v [B156] be visible.
Sa unáhan ang íyang balay nag-antaw, His house is visible in the distance.
pa-v {1} [A; b6] be at a distance.
Gipaantáwan níla ang namúhì ug dinamíta, They kept their distance from the dynamiters.
{2} [A13] look at s.t.
from a distant, detached point of view.
Magpaantaw lang siya sa mga katarúngan ug dílì muapil sa lantúgì, He just takes a detached view of the reasons and doesnt get into the argument.
{3} [A13] be aloof.
Sa mga tígum si Lúlit magpaantaw ug dílì muapil sa kulukabildu, At parties Lolette would keep to herself and not join in any of the conversations.

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