"Akasya" is a word in TAGALOG, HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO

akasya TAGALOG

Definition: (noun) acacia tree; monkeypod


akásya - (Sp. acacia) Acacia-tree.

akasya CEBUANO

akasya n monkey-pod tree, a large tree extensively planted as shade tree and producing excellent lumber: Samanea saman.
akasyahan n acacia tree stand.

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acacia ENGLISH

A genus of leguminous trees and shrubs. Nearly 300 species are Australian or Polynesian, and have terete or vertically compressed …

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v. /AG-, MANG-:-EN/ to take, collect or gather inside (usually clothes) (from where they have been placed to dry). Akasem …

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arúma n spiny shrub or small tree similar to ipil-ipil, used for firewood. Said to be the plant from which …

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barongbong HILIGAYNON

baróngbong - (B) A shoot, a sprout from a stock, stem or trunk; to shoot or sprout from a cut …

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gonakie ENGLISH

An African timber tree (Acacia Adansonii).

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landung CEBUANO

landung n {1} image, replica. Daw landung sa kamatáyun ang íyang panagway, Her face is a picture of death. Landung …

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leguminous ENGLISH

Belonging to, or resembling, a very large natural order of plants (Leguminosae), which bear legumes, including peas, beans, clover, locust …

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lipód - To screen, stand between, bar, block, close the view of, hide behind, conceal, cover, cloak, veil; a screen, …

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locust tree ENGLISH

A large North American tree of the genus Robinia (R. Pseudacacia), producing large slender racemes of white, fragrant, papilionaceous flowers, …

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lúad v {1} [AB126; a12] be uprooted and fall on its side, uproot s.t. Bagyu Ámi ang naglúad ánang kasya, …

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lúmbay - A new shoot, sprout, twig; to bud, sprout, shoot, put forth, burgeon, bourgeon, said of a plant or …

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myall wood ENGLISH

A durable, fragrant, and dark-colored Australian wood, used by the natives for spears. It is obtained from the small tree …

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shittah tree ENGLISH

A tree that furnished the precious wood of which the ark, tables, altars, boards, etc., of the Jewish tabernacle were …

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spearwood ENGLISH

An Australian tree (Acacia Doratoxylon), and its tough wood, used by the natives for spears.

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tímbang - Balance, equilibrium, poise, counterpoise, counter-balance, equivalent; partner, help, assistant, mate; to balance, be a partner, to help, assist, …

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wattle ENGLISH

The astringent bark of several Australian trees of the genus Acacia, used in tanning; -- called also wattle bark.

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