"Ajutage" is a word in LAW AND LEGAL, ENGLISH


A tube, conical ln form, intended to be applied to an aperture through which water passes, whereby the flow of the water is greatly increased. See Schuylkill Nav. Co. v. Moore, 2 whart. (Pa.) 477

ajutage ENGLISH

A tube through which water is discharged; an efflux tube;
as, the ajutage of a fountain.

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alabú-ab - Leavings, sediment, dregs, lees, admixtures; offspring, progeny. Ang alabú-ab sang túbig. The sediment of water. Ang alabú-ab or …

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bias n water container made of one internode of a bamboo tube. v [a12] make into a bias.

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An apparatus for conveying and distributing heat, especially by means of hot water circulating in tubes.

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kalisdingán - See kalísding. Also: liability to tilt, possibility of tilting. Dílì ka mahádluk sináng bayóng, kay walâ gid inâ …

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ligsì v [B26; a12] for bamboo to crack along the grain under pressure. Ayaw ug ibundak ang sag-ub kay muligsì …

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lobô - (B) Hole, privy, lavatory W.C. (i.e. water-closet); to make a hole, hollow. Diín ang lobô? Where is the …

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nargileh ENGLISH

An apparatus for smoking tobacco. It has a long flexible tube, and the smoke is drawn through water.

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paalób-ob - To dip into water, etc. Caus. of alób-ob. Paalob-obá lang ang ímo bayóng. Just dip your bamboo tube …

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palatayonan HILIGAYNON

palatayonán - (H) Conduit, channel, pipe or tube, water-system, irrigation-system. (cf. tayón).

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pí trap n P-trap, an S-shaped tube for the escape of water or gas that prevents the water or gas …

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Any long tube or hollow body of wood, metal, earthenware, or the like: especially, one used as a conductor of …

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