"Agwasa" is a word in HILIGAYNON


agwása - (Sp. guasa, guason) Lively,
cheerful, good-humoured; to be lively or of
a cheerful disposition; to flow freely; to
exude, to break forth, particularly applied
to matter or pus oozing out of a wound,
ulcer or boil. Ang komód nga táo dílì
agwása. A man inclined to retirement and
silence is not of a lively disposition.
Nagaagwása na ang hubág. Pus is now
flowing from the tumour. Ginapaagwása
níla ang hubág. They are using remedies to
cause the pus to flow from the tumour.
Paagwasáha ang hubág. Make the tumour
(by pressure, etc.) discharge its matter.
Ipaagwása akó ánay sang ákon hubág sa
lí-og. Kindly remove the matter (by
pressure, poultices, etc.) from the tumour
on my neck. Si Fuláno dúro gid kaagwása

sa íya mga sugilánon. N.N. is very cheerful
in his talk. N.N. is a chatterbox.

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